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I’ve been shooting candids for over ten years. My first camera was a Hi8 camcorder I purchased after constantly seeing this Dominican milf walk past my house every afternoon to pick her kids up from school , she had the biggest and craziest ass I have ever saw in my life , I just had to film her, Before you know it  I would walk around my neighborhood and film all the thick sexy Latin women. I became well known around the neighborhood for filming all the big booty’s. After years filming candids I finally decided to launch a website and share my videos with the world.

Shooting Candids to me is like going treasure hunting because you never know what you are going to find. When you find that next great clip it’s like adding another trophy to your collection. When it comes to candids I have a big booty , leg and shoe fetish. I love curvy women in spandex the most , it really shows off the figure making it easy to notice the booty movements plus the spandex stretch causing them to look transparent. There’s nothing more epic than a big phat Juicy ass in tight spandex.

Every candid shooter has there own style and taste when it comes to shooting candids. Shooting candids is not as easy as it looks and should be respected as a professional art form of photography. Unless you are a professional candid shooter you will never understand the amount of time , effort and energy that go’s into capturing and posting these videos. I have to travel , shoot , download , edit , upload , do web develop and web design all of that adds up to countless hours. When you sign up and support this site you increase the chances of improving this site. If you enjoy these videos as much as I do then show your support and help continue to make this site even better.            

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I recommend using a PC or Laptop to download & play video files. All videos on this site is 1080p HD at it’s highest quality from it’s original source. It is strongly recommended that you have QuickTime Player installed on your device for full play back compatibility.    


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