Membership on should be considered a privilege and not a right. As such , if you are caught selling , distributing , or uploading the content that can be found on this website on other forums , venues , or websites without my consent , you will be immediately and permanently banned with no exception.

The system can detect when you are sharing passwords and will automatically lock your account and restrict access , I will have to manually unlock it to restore access again. The first time you will be giving a warning along with facts on how to prevent it from happening again. If the system detects account sharing any time after your warning , your account will be suspended for a 5 day period every time it detects account sharing. The system has records of when you signed up , how many times you signed up , when you login , how many times you login in as well as what time and how long you was logged in. Records show when you expire , if your account is active or not. Evey thing is documented within the software.

As a user / subscriber It’s your responsibility to make sure you have the correct device to download and play the content. Mac , PC & laptops are highly recommended devices for download and playback. If you are using a mobile device such as a smart phone you will need to have a video player such as VLC player. Due to the fact all content can be downloaded directly to your hard drive once your account is active , it is important to have a no refund policy. If you have access to the content and ask for a refund , after receiving your refund, all IP addresses and email addresses you used on the site will be permanently blocked for violation of these user terms and agreements. Having access to the content and asking for a refund will not be tolerated. It’s my job to provide the content information and access to the content once a successful payment is made , remember it’s your job to have the right device or equipment to download and play the content. The content information is right in your face if you choose to ignore it or simple try to get over please think twice before you do. I take fraud very seriously and will actively report cases of fraud to the local authorities for further prosecution along with you getting blocked & black listed. Please understand when you sign up , you are agreeing to the terms and agreements which says we do not do refunds. That’s like you signing up for full access and only having half access when the agreement says full access. The reason for the terms and agreements is so nobody gets jerked. However if a refund is that important you would have to contact ccbill for refunds. Please understand I cant use subscribers that pay on the way in and ask for money on their way out.